5 Compelling Reasons Why Hiking With Trekking Poles Triumphs

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In this post, we’re addressing a subject that often generates lively debate among both novice and seasoned hikers: should you hike with trekking poles?

Whether you’re contemplating this question or simply curious about the advantages and disadvantages, this post will delve into both perspectives to help you make an informed choice. If you’ve been around the mountain block a few times, you’ve likely heard arguments from both sides of the campfire on this one.

So, let’s talk about why some folks choose to tackle the great outdoors without trekking poles first.

Why Go Without Trekking Poles?


One of the most cited reasons for hiking pole-free is the weight factor. A pair of trekking poles can add a couple of pounds to your pack. And if you’re going for that ultralight setup, every ounce counts.


Those poles aren’t exactly sleek and slender. They can get caught in thick brush or make squeezing through narrow canyon passages feel like a game of Twister.


Believe it or not, some hikers feel trekking poles throw off their natural groove. It’s almost like learning to walk again; not everyone’s a fan.


Hey, if you’re walking on flat lands that don’t require the agility of a mountain goat, you might think poles are just overkill. Why fix what isn’t broken, right?

Personal Preference

And then there’s the good old “I just don’t like ’em” category. And that’s cool! Hiking is all about personal experience and what feels right for you.

The Upsides of Hiking With Trekking Poles

But wait! Before you ditch those poles at your next garage sale, let’s discuss why they might deserve a spot in your gear collection.

Reduced Impact on Joints

First off, trekking poles are a godsend for your knees, especially on those grueling downhill sections. It’s like having extra shock absorbers for your body. Your future self will thank you for helping your knees.

Improved Balance and Stability

Say goodbye to wobbly walks on slippery, uneven terrains. Trekking poles are basically your third and fourth legs. They’ll give you the extra balance and stability to make you feel like a mountain ninja.

Increased Power and Propulsion

Here’s the kicker: poles aren’t just for stability; they also add oomph to your stride. Use them to propel yourself uphill and cover more ground without exhausting your legs.

Reduced Fatigue

By spreading the load from your legs to your arms and shoulders, trekking poles reduce the overall toll on your body. And let’s face it, we all want to reach that waterfall or summit with some juice left for the victory dance, right?


Beyond walking, these handy sticks can be used to pitch a tent or tarp, cross streams without a hitch, and even as a make-shift bug swatter (those mosquitoes won’t stand a chance).

The Final Verdict

I’m not saying you must hike with trekking poles, but I will say you miss out on some sweet benefits if you go without. At the end of the trail, it’s all about what makes your hiking experience the best it can be. Give ’em a try, and who knows? You might just become a pole-toting convert!

So, what do you think? To pole or not to pole, that is the question. Drop your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s get this conversation trekking!

Happy trails, everyone!

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