Montem Ultrastrong: Best Trekking Poles With Great Value for Money

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles

Montem Ultrastrong Trekking Poles

If you believe quality doesn’t have to be expensive, these are the right poles for you.

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What we like

Value for Money

Lightweight and comfortable

Durable aluminum construction

Comfortable foam grips

Adjustable straps

Flip-lock mechanisms

What we don’t

Durability concern of plastic locks

Straps can be a bit bulky

Not as lightweight as carbon fiber poles

Best Alternative: Black Diamond Trail Sport

Affordability, in general, has a negative correlation to quality. Also, you can see a significant difference between the $20 and $120 trekking poles.

But there are exceptions to this rule. The Montem Ultrastrong trekking pole is such an exception. For $75, you get fantastic performance that matches even the $200 poles.

We reviewed these trekking poles based on a dozen of independent user experiences. The final verdict is that Montem Ultrastrong is the best budget trekking pole a pro hiker can have.

This review includes the best user experiences with the Montem trekking pole, its features, and how the company has achieved such excellent performance at a small cost.

How does Montem makes such poles for such a small cost?

Besides its fantastic performance and recognition, Montem poles are famous for their affordability. The company claims they have cut down many overhead costs to arrive at the cost.

Montem says they have no mediator. They must be sourcing all raw materials themselves and assembling them efficiently. They also do direct marketing. Not relying on various marketing channels helps them reduce the cost by a great deal.

The biggest Plus for Montem Ultrastrong Poles: great value for money

The primary reason why Montem ultrastrong poles are famous among hikers is that they match in performance with other well-known brands.

At this price range, Montem does not offer fancy features. But these features are rarely a concern for regular hikers. Who cares if a trekking pole doesn’t have a camera mount?

Montem ultrastrong poles are sturdy poles with excellent packability. Although a little heavier, these aluminum poles are long-lasting than the ones you can buy for under $50. Buying good Aluminum poles like Montem ultrastrong makes more sense than cheap carbon fiber poles.

The biggest Downside of Montem Ultrastrong Poles: Plastic locks

These great poles come with an excellent flip-lock mechanism. However, the plastic lock may not be the best. When they fail, there’s no more use in the pole.

Our reviewers had no issues in their many hikes with Montem ultralight trekking poles. However, most of their concern is the plastic locks.

The Montem ultrastrong poles have a 3 part telescopic design. Generally speaking, it’s more fragile than foldable or fixed-length designs. However, according to our reviewers, this isn’t the concern for Montem ultrastrong.

Low-quality aluminum tends to bend easily. But Montem has no issue with the shaft material as it uses aluminum 7075 alloys. Our reviewers had no such issues, too.

The Design of Montem Ultrastrong Trekking Poles

Montem ultralight is a 3 part telescopic design. Telescopic design allows Montem ultrastrong poles to collapse to 24 inches.

It comes with an EVA form grip, though it looks like a cork handle. They are a good choice for sweaty palms. The form extension at the bottom of the main handle is a plus for this design. You don’t have to adjust the pole length for small ups and downs.

There’s also a comfortable wrist strap you can be happy about.

You also get mud baskets and a pair of rubber tips. But you can also purchase standard Montem baskets or different kinds of tips and replace them.

Packing Montem ultrastrong trekking poles

As mentioned before, Montem Ultrastrong poles are 53-inch telescopic pole that collapses to 24 inches.

This isn’t the best when it comes to packaging. But it isn’t bad. Most backpacks could accommodate these poles. But it would be best if you strapped them outside the backpack. When you put it inside your backpack, you risk the carbide tips damaging the bag.

Using Montem Ultrastrong Trekking Pole on different terrains

The type of terrain you are walking through is a thing when choosing your trekking pole. For this reason, some trekking poles come with multiple baskets.

Montem Ultrastrong poles come with a mud basket. These baskets may be helpful if you’re on a rainy, muddy road.

You can use Montem Ultrastrong poles during winter months with snow baskets. However, you don’t get snow baskets with the pole. You’ll have to purchase them separately.

Adjusting Montem Ultrastrong for different altitudes

It is well known that the pole height needs to be adjustable. The rule of thumb is to set it so your elbows make a 90-degree bend.

But when climbing up or downhill, the exact height of even terrain won’t make a 90-degree bend. You will have to make adjustments to the pole.

Montem ultrastrong poles come with flip locks that are easy to adjust. You may adjust the height of one hand’s pole without using the other hand.

However, frequently adjusting the height of a pole is a terrible experience. With Montem ultrastrong poles, you don’t have to do it, as these poles come with a foam extension to the existing handle.

Pole weight of Montem Ultrastrong Poles

These poles are among the lighter poles, for sure. But not the lightest.

Each one of the Montem Ultrastrong poles weighs about 9.6 oz. The pair totals 19.2 oz. This may be okay for most hikes. Especially if you’re on a day hike with a lighter backpack, these pole weight isn’t a thing to consider.

However, there are lighter poles even under the same price band. For instance, the pair weighs only 16 oz in Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles.

The insignificant difference becomes substantial for longer hikes with heavy backpacks.

Final Verdict

You can’t go wrong with Montem ultrastrong poles if you want to pick the best trekking pole for under $100.

Of course, there are lighter trekking poles, poles that come with fancy features, and poles that can last longer. But when it comes to value for money, Montem beats them all.

Besides the durability of plastic flip locks, these poles score well in every aspect.

Most of our reviewers felt the same way about these poles. However, none of them experienced serious failure in their hikes.

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